TSB  Moerbeihof 3, 2661 LV Bergschenhoek, the Netherlands Tel: +31 (0) 10 202 58 83

What does TSB do?

for sustainable project management

TSB provides interim management and consultancy in the field of project management and management consulting. For instance:

  1.   Project preparation

•   Procurement

  1.   Environmental analysis

  2.   Impact analysis

  3.   Processes and procedures

•   Teambuilding

•   Change management

•   Management consulting

•   Project management

•   Analysis of project management

•   Start up and adapt project organization

•   Contract and claims management

•   Developing and writing a project plan

TSB provides answers and offers solutions to many questions, such as:



  1. We have too many projects. How can we find an experienced interim project

    manager to manage some of these projects?

  1. We are in a deadlock with our project. How can we get the project back on

    track without losing more time or money and without sacrificing quality?

  1. Part of our production has relocated abroad. How can we ensure that work is

    being done uniformly in all locations and that we have clear communication

    channels so everyone understands each other?

  1. How can we ensure that “service” is a mindset rather than a department

    in our organisation?

  1. How can we ensure that project management rules – such as “Prince 2” –

    are implemented without our organisation becoming overly bureaucratic?

  1. How can our current project management team step up their game to be

    as efficient  and effective as possible?

  1. How can we set up our project management department to be as efficient

    as possible?